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About Us

Where It All Starts…
Responsible Farming

Our Menu is mainly built around local produce farmed responsibly by local farmers to create fair trade, to earn better, to cut out the middleman, enabling us to get fresher produce at a reasonable price.

  • The start of organic farming is responsible farming
  • Carefully selected harvest creates our  menu

Red current off its branch and your shortening the berries lifespan

Handling can greatly alter the  quality and freshness of the food

A lot of thought, trial and research is put into preparing the food

Ingredients are prepared in the best possible way of having them

Nutrition is kept intact

Delicate & attention to details

Sustaining the integrity of the ingredients via the cooking method

Presented at its best

Where It Goes…
Food Prep


Chef Lingesh

As a person, I am a rebel. I am obsessed with a vision.

Growing up, I was close to nature; my childhood home had overlooked a waterfall, and livestock was an all too familiar sight. Later, I went on to experience a farmer’s life, and thus develop for it a deep appreciation. The attention paid to each crop, and both their vast and subtle differences baffled me. And until today, my fondness for the miles and miles of green remains.

As a chef, creating every plate of food is an experience; of combining flavors, textures, and temperatures. And then on a deeper level, origins, processes, and most crucially- stories.

For me, to be real is to be resourceful- to make the best of any situation. It is to be mindful of life, and the lives besides our own. To be real is to be conscious.

Being conscious means knowing where your food grew- from a seed to a plant. Being conscious means knowing your food was farmed responsibly- no additives you can’t pronounce. Being conscious means knowing that the farmers who grew your food also have good food to eat, and good food to feed their children. Being conscious means embracing the hours of careful effort being put into a plate of food. Being conscious also means allowing yourself to take the time to delight in a complete meal, put together with YOU in mind.

It is my mission to put together a plate that takes you places.

It is my vision to create a meal for you as wholesome as its inspiration, and as inspiring as it is delectable.

With Barat, I want to bring people together for laughter, for good, and for real, real food. I yearn to remind you how far we’ve all come, and yet how far removed we are from the idea of ‘real’ food; how easily and how very often we accept clumsy food for the sake of convenience, and food prepared with less care than it deserves.

I want to show you how a world-class meal need not be comprised of imported ingredients, the rarest spice, or even meat. Through Barat, I strive to break the monopoly and the monotony. With Barat, I want to exceed your expectations by a mile, and miles of green.