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Mr. Prabodh K. Sheth


Prabodh K. Sheth has 27 years of experience in information systems, including co-managing the computer risk management division within Arthur Andersen & Co., where he developed an in-depth understanding of its application in business operations. A Certified Public Accountant by the AICPA, he has held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director at REDtone International Bhd. He currently oversees the operations of Ice, working in temperature regulation solutions for commercial businesses and shopping malls, greatly lessening their carbon footprint.

Meeta Sheth


Meeta Sheth, according to her husband, Prabodh, is “a militant vegetarian who will not cook meat even if you kill her”. The same passionate determination is what scored her the ownership of Ganga café. Not a newcomer to the city’s restaurant scene, she previously operated a catering service with a partner, Renu. Nearly 365 days a year, Meeta works her magic in the kitchen to create Indian vegetarian dishes that draw the masses, evident in the Ganga café’s lunch and dinner crowd.

Tony Heneberry


Tony Heneberry is a qualified marine engineer, a home interior designer by passion, and a fervent artist. An Irish brogue, he provides some technical insight into business endeavours, with warm visual sensitivity. He has transformed spaces in Gasing Hill and Sri Hartamas, and the Terasek House in Kuala Lumpur, with design that features raw finishes with an industrial edge, embracing natural light and insulation.

Chef Lingesh


Chef Lingesh has widespread experience in the Food and Beverage industry, which covers areas of clean-cut stringency to inventive endeavours; from mass catering, to managing hotels, to building independent restaurants. He believes that to make business sense out of an idea is to bring it to its fullest potential. He has special interest in turning inspiring concepts into full-fledged business plans, and intends to expand his horizons on an overseas platform, as a future course of action.